Top things to do in Cape Town

Cape Town is a city in South Africa, located at the foot of the mountain and washed by two oceans. The coastline is full of national reserves. Nowhere in the world is there such a concentration of natural resources. Here you and the abundance of plants, and outlandish birds, whales, penguins, mountain trails, and vineyards - in general, fantastic! I want to note that everything is very civilized. Starting from the roads ending with trash. Organized tourism in this country is a fact. Everything is done so that the guests feel comfortable. At the same time, population segregation is evident, the difference between social strata is very palpable. So how can all this be seen and felt? How long will it take? Let's understand.

Surroundings of Cape Town

Inside the country there is a network of national reserves and protected areas. They are divided in colors, classified according to the animal world and have different policies. Most people do not have to pay for the visit, and for the so-called “brown” reserves, a payment of ZAR 250-350 per person is always required, which equals $18-25.

Boulders Penguin Colony

In close proximity to the developed city of Cape Town there is a reserve of penguins Boulders Penguin Colony, where you can see a lot of African penguins. The cost of entry for foreigners is ZAR 70.

We got to the penguin colony for an hour in a rented car. This time, taking into account the various stops at the picturesque places.

Table Mountain National Park

On the very south-western edge of Africa is located a stunning reserve – Table Mountain National Park. It is in it that the famous Cape of Good Hope is located.

On the territory of this park there is a lighthouse, the passage to which is in itself an adventure. From the parking lot to the lighthouse wild wild baboons walk. They are so used to people that they run up and pull out of their hands everything in search of food.

From Cape Town to Table Mountain National Park you have to go two and a half or three hours, depends on traffic and the number of stops. The roads are by the way excellent all the way.

Places within the city of Cape Town

If we continue to talk about Cape Town itself, then I would like to note that: right in the city there are natural reserves and large botanical gardens. In fact, having flown to this city alone, you can learn a lot about the whole country. And this is a great rarity! Usually a single region does not at all reflect a general picture of the whole country.

Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens and World of Birds

In Cape Town there is the charming garden of Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, two small birdies: Zandvlei Bird Sanctuary, Word of Birds and of course the Table Mountain National Park, along which all the walking routes take place. In addition, there are several excellent viewing platforms.

Waterfront Tourist Center

The first thing in Cape Town is to go to a tourist destination called Waterfront. You can easily get there by foot if you stay in the city center or on a local city bus if your hotel is in the suburbs. Motor transport looks very modern, well-groomed, and it’s easy to buy a ticket. The whole day can be spent in this location.

In the area of Waterfront you and a colorful port with the opportunity to stroll by boat, restaurants and shopping, as well as museums and galleries in walking distance.

Viewing points and cable cars

I recommend to visit the observation points: Leon Head” and Signal Hill. At the first observation you will climb the funicular, but the other one is accessible by a pedestrian. Of course, at first you come to a place on any kind of transport, and then there is either a cable car or footpaths.

On the third day, I advise you to visit the botanical garden and the nearby so-called “World of Birds”. This all will give you a lot of emotions and maybe the next few days you want to spend on the sandy beach near the ocean, lazily sipping your smoothie or cappuccino.

How do I navigate Cape Town and the surrounding area?

It all depends on your resources and free time. For example, if you rent a car, then for a week of daily activities in Cape Town and around it you can see all the fun at this point in South Africa. If you want to use tours, then there are all sorts of options and this in any case will be slower. There is a red two-story bus for tourists – you buy a card for a day / two / three and on it you visit the popular points of Cape Town on schedule. For the city this bus does not carry, so for further acquaintance with the beauties of the country you will need another transport.

For example, the Baz Bus office carries tourists almost everywhere, with arrivals to the entrances to all the red reserves. If you choose this option instead of a car, then of course deprive yourself of the opportunity to see other reserves and reserves, as well as a lot of beaches in the lagoon. At this tangible restriction, the picture will be completely holistic. If there is no possibility to take a car, then the variant of Baz Bus is more convenient than a bus, which is both on tourist routes and ordinary long-distance.

In any case, it’s worth seeing not only Cape Town.

Whatever method of displacement you choose, I am sure that you will see so many different and bright things on the trip that you will love this country with all your heart.

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