Sailing at Koh Chang, Thailand

Amari Emerald Hotel offers sailing on various boats. There are different options: 4-hour, 6-hour sail, with instructor or without if you have a proper skipper ID). The average cost of this sea adventure is worth 4,500 baht, but if you stay in the hotel, you’ll have a discount. For the money you get: instructor with catamaran, two sealed bags, two life vest, instruction of sailing, the 20-minute lecture on safety, some snack and a opportunity to swim in the beautiful swimming pool at the hotel. It’s a large set, I think.

Прогулка под парусом


When riding on a small catamaran sailing is not swayed. It is a dynamic process in which the people directly involved. Of course, in the process there is a time to lie down, watching the islands away, relax and drink some water.

Отдых на катамаране

Resting on a catamaran

The tour includes a visit by catamaran little wild island, located a 50-minute walk Sailing from Koh Chang. The island – with pure white sand, lots of coral, surrounded by pristine green. Once made memorable photos, you can go further where desired. Time for that.

Вышли на берег дикого острова

A shore of a wild beach

Chang island doubly beautiful when it is viewed from the water. Walking Sailing can not leave indifferent even the most the experienced traveler.

Готовы к посадке на катамаран

Ready to board the catamaran

Walking Sailing along the island – a real adventure! It is pure fun and a good reason to exercise. You will not only see a new picture of natural, but also get an unforgettable experience!

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Sailing is a hella fun!

Watch a video from our trip and decide to experience for yourself the opportunity: