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My name is Lev Kalashnikov, I’m 30 years old. Me and my wife Anna (26 years old) are Muscovites and avid travelers who have visited more than 40 countries and more than 250 cities. For the fourth year we have been going to the self-education of the expedition, which we are engaged in from 4 to 8 months a year. In each country we spend a month or more, almost every third day moving to the next city, of course we stop for about a week. Thus, we try to feel the specific color, immersing ourselves in culture and associating with the place of the inhabitants. We strive to visit unencumbered places, without using the services of agencies.

In our travels, Anya always very creatively perceives space, doing this with a soul, studying architecture, people, saturated with landscapes, when I prefer to focus on the technical and organizational component of the trip. I have a love for linguistics since childhood and love to learn new things in the nuances of languages. My wife and I make notes about everything that interested us – text / photo / video.

Professional activity

My wife is a photographer (more than 5 years) and an artist (he studied at the courses before the university, then at the designer at the Moscow State University of Economics), paints mainly on paper, and also tries himself in Digital Art, creates sketches of the iPad + Pro computer, Her personal site: Http://amixen.ru

I have been engaged in commercial photo and video shooting for over 10 years, working on equipment (several cameras, lenses, stabilizers – mechanical and electronic, etc.), and I work in Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom, Final Cut, Vegas, etc. http : //lk47.com
Also, I have been aerial for 3 years already – I collected the Copters myself – including the Octopters for the heavy Red / BlackMagic / Canon cameras and I had all the DJI Phantom models from the first. Http://www.flycamera.tv

I have 6 years of experience in creating applications for iOS and Android – already more than 50 applications behind. Http://appsolutegroup.com

We work with my wife together, sharing responsibilities for photo / video.
Usually we are very active in Moscow, and then we leave for a thoughtful journey, continuing to work remotely – we mount / process / program.
Anya created a design and led the whole project of our studio in Moscow, now we are holding each other. This is a studio for photo shoots and video “Leon”: http://leon-studio.org/

We worked with Coca-Cola, Yves Rocher, Moscow Raceway, TV channel Moscow24, BMW motorcycle team, Ducati club Russia, Ducati Seattle, Payot cosmetics, LR, Faberlic, Yoga Magazine, Moscow Physical Culture Department, Moscomsport, Elite real estate agency Penny Lane, Lamarins, tianDe, Ecomilk, Muzon, “Living Planet” TV channel, Mosgorpark, Yandex Taxi, Sberbank, BIN Bank and others.


Since my childhood I constantly go to the USA (the visa is constantly open) – I have free American English; After 6 months of traveling in Latin America, I learned Spanish, understand a little and speak German. The wife speaks spoken English.


We have our own website about traveling. We are conducting a bilingual website, We both write articles for him: www.goteria.com


We are athletic and hardy.
In my account, 10 years of snowboarding in the mountains, 13 years of climbing, several years of SAMBO, capoeira, acrobatics and gymnastics. In trips by flags – I collect such photos, dreaming to release a book. In my free time I juggle and walk on a rope.

Anya taught for several years Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in Moscow and continues to practice to this day (started studying in 2009), before that she was engaged in judo, basketball and sailing. She prefers spiritual practice much more than sports, while maintaining the body in a tone.

We are both very strong: we easily tolerate heat / cold / altitude and like to walk very much. We have experience in driving boats, the right to drive water transport (Russian A and B rights and similar American ones). I prefer motorcycles to cars, Anya knows how to drive cars and has rights.

Why do I submit this one application for two people – me and my wife? Because we are inseparable, we are a family and we are professionals in video and photography, so we also live creatively together, inspiring each other and can shoot both, submit information in the formats for instagrama, and for 10-20 minute episodes for Youtube, or even 40 minutes for TV.

2 on the lens, laptop and copter. An example of our collected equipment on a trip: https://yadi.sk/i/79dQxemh38hhrM

We are open, purposeful and kind people, ready for new achievements and new projects, we both dream of permanently living on a journey and are interested in long-term cooperation. Ready to fully immerse yourself in your tasks and offer your own within the framework of your project.

By the way, your office is in my favorites, because through you have already bought tickets for the plane.

You can contact us with:

email: lev.kalashnikov@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +7(925)376-1488
Skype: lkalashnikov

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