Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in Cape Town, South Africa

In South Africa, in the city of Cape Town, which is also called the Mother city (because first travelers came here), there are many stunning places, but the Kirstenbosh Botanical Gardens are often considered pearls. This is a large park near the ridge.

Kirstenbosch Gardens is a comfortable place in itself – everywhere there are benches and signs with information.

These gardens are convenient for visiting people of any age and even for the disabled, despite the rather large territory. Everything is done for international communication and real rest.

Daily buses with tourists arrive on schedule in this unique paradise of botany!
This park is deservedly famous as the most beautiful garden of all Africa.

Kirstenbosch collects plants from all over the continent and brings out new special breeds of local plants. This place will impress any person. Even if you personally or your relatives are not lovers of natural diversity, then you will definitely appreciate the expanses and the mountain landscape.

The gardens are open from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6pm, in summer (from December to May) – an hour longer. There is a free tour that starts at the visitor center from 10-14 from Monday to Saturday. The walk lasts an hour and a half. The standard number of people in the group is 15 people. The guide tells in English about the main local plants and tree species. We arrived in the park by car and bought tickets on the spot, without waiting. So do not worry – you do not need to purchase tickets on the site in advance.

In my opinion, when traveling in a group, you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to make a lot of unusual shots. I, as a creative person, it is important to capture images and forms. Even if I do not share this with anyone, then all the same when creating cadres I will get a lot of fun. Every time I aim the lens at an interesting object, I concentrate and see more details. Most often, having lost the group, we are superficially acquainted with the place, and after a very tired. Why is that? Yes, because the guide gives the information as much as possible and very different, as well as it is attached to a specific timetable. So it turns out that you constantly go and depend on a particular program, receiving unnecessary information. Of course, everyone has his own and maybe you like to take a guide in all places.

Kirstenbosch is a place for a good rest. On the territory there are a couple of picnic points, as well as there is a beautiful restaurant, besides this a wonderful souvenir shop.

If you are afraid to get lost in a large area of the park, you can ask for a card at the checkout or download it from the official site.

All over the world I take pictures of flowers – I already have a large collection. In South Africa, new species of plants with a unique structure and very bright color were discovered.

Kirstenbosch is the only botanical garden included in the UNESCO list. What new did we learn in this focus of botanical delights? There are many species that can not be counted (although they claim that they have more than 7,000 species).

I highlighted the most original, in my opinion, flowers and shrubs:

Flowers of the plant Leucospermum Cordifolium, which grow only in Africa, look cosmically unusual. There are browned buds and yellow.

Very beautiful flowers with large buds of King Protea or Protea Cynaroides. A really unique plant. All flowers of this sharp shrub exclusively pink saturated pastel shade.

Also we saw a lot of red and no less sharp plants Strelizia Reginae.
This is also shrubby flowers, but we have already met such before: in Malaysia and Thailand.

In the center of the park designers harmoniously entered the winding wooden bridge. It hangs over the fluffy trees and allows viewers to feel themselves hovering over the entire botanical garden.

When we were walking there was a squally wind and the sky was overcast. The rain never came, but it was quite uncomfortable to stand for a long time on this bridge. It was very crowded and a bit cramped because of this. Although the bridge was designed broad, but because of the many turns and visitors, people crowd in certain places and prevent them from passing.

Kirstenbosch – is a large well-kept garden with large Acrobatic turtles in the area. Walking through the park, we met one very sick turtle! The lion did not leave her for 20 minutes, taking pictures from all sides. She was the largest of all we met before this point, as it turned out later too.

The subtropical zone contributes to the fact that the garden is beautiful at any time of the year and has earned the honorary title of the largest garden of the world. The territory on which this place is located has stony soil and arid sandy areas. Despite this, hard-leaf evergreen shrubs and stunted trees prevail in South Africa. It’s amazing and wonderful.

Kirstenbosh is a garden that all people need to get into. When in Cape Town, first go to this wonderful place. The variety of flora is really amazing and makes you think about the greatness of our big planet.

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