Koh Chang island

Board Walk is a wooden road with no boarders. You walk right through and up the swamp forrest, full of crabs. 

The lenght of the walk is 500 meters.

Board walk

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The road starts next to the temple, which is next to the Mangrove Hideaway Koh Chang.

Храм у Board Walk

The Board Walk ends with a splendid view on a shore.

окончание тропинки Board Walk

Bang Bao – a fisherman’s village with a market and a pier.

The market is located in the Bay of Klong Son – same name, as the village. This place is located in the northern part of the island of Koh Chang.
The village itself is located along Bang Bao pier stretching out to sea – are all the shops, restaurants and bungalows on stilts. The nearest sandy beach is Klong Kloi beach (Klong Kloy). Here are islands of serenity – hotels Nirvana Resort, Bang bao sea hut, as well as many small Thai-style bungalows.

Lighthouse and Klong Son bay (bay Klong Son)
It is located just after the small hill towards the sea at the pier Ao Sapparod.дорога до маяка

Pearl beach, or Thai, Haad Kai Mook (Haad Kai Mook)
You can call the quietest beach of the island of Koh Chang. It consists of two small bays with a total length of about 700 meters, and the main road is 400 meters from the beach line. Here there is a large number of cafes or stores 7-Eleven, a few local restaurants, grocery store and a fruit shop. But at the beginning of the beach on the main road there are supermarkets Tesco Lotus. Its name (“Pearl”) was the beach because of the unforgettable views of sunsets observed from the rocky shore. A particularly good place for their meetings – on a rock on the shore of the sea. The beach also has a small coral reef, which is good for snorkelling. Pearl beach is at the local post office where you can send a postcard to their homeland just 20 baht. Unfortunately, Pearl Beach – pebble beach.
Also here is the dealer scooters Honda and bookshop Bookshop Thailand.