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Robberg Nature Reserve

Парк Робберг является частью природного заповедника (175 га) и является национальным памятником Южной Африки с непревзойденным видом на океан, залив и горы Тситсикамма. Растительность состоит в основном из прибрежных кустарников Фукос. Удивительное число разных растений произрастает в этом регионе: 5000 из 8000 видов. При этом многие из них можно найти в регионе Финбос Южной Африки, но они не встречаются больше …

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Top things to do in Cape Town

Cape Town is a city in South Africa, located at the foot of the mountain and washed by two oceans.

The coastline is full of national reserves. Nowhere in the world is there such a concentration of natural resources. Here you and the abundance of plants, and outlandish birds, whales, penguins, mountain trails, and vineyards – in general, fantastic! I want to note that everything is very civilized. Starting from the roads ending with trash. Organized tourism in this country is a fact. Everything is done so that the guests feel comfortable. At the same time, population segregation is evident, the difference between social strata is very palpable.

So how can all this be seen and felt? How long will it take? Let’s understand.

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Contents1 Professional activity2 Languages3 Blog4 Sport5 You can contact us with:5.1 Наши страницы в соцсетях: My name is Lev Kalashnikov, I’m 30 years old. Me and my wife Anna (26 years old) are Muscovites and avid travelers who have visited more than 40 countries and more than 250 cities. For the fourth year we have been going to the self-education …

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Sailing at Koh Chang, Thailand

Amari Emerald Hotel offers sailing on various boats. There are different options: 4-hour, 6-hour sail, with instructor or without if you have a proper skipper ID). The average cost of this sea adventure is worth 4,500 baht, but if you stay in the hotel, you’ll have a discount. For the money you get: instructor with catamaran, two sealed bags, two life vest, instruction of sailing, …

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